'Birthing in the Lake of Souls'......acrylic on paper 1100 x 1400

I am a Mystical Empathic Artist of Australian origin. My work is influenced heavily within the Sophia/Gaia Mythos. Tuning into the Divine Feminine Energy emanating from within the earth. It reflects through my painting, by which I empath within many layers onto the canvas. I call in anomalies within my own psyche to inject the mysticism through the levels of process, to bring the piece into a balance of masculine and feminine energies. I have been inspired by the writings of John Lamb Lash. In meeting my twin flame, he has led me into my deconstruction process of the illusion, in which the Patriarchal System systemically demonises the interpretation of women.

I am here in service to inspire others, in assisting their creative and empathic experiences. My visual interpretation of the Divine Feminine allows the sharing of my experiences to help others move through their fear and reach the freedom, which I have found through my understanding of an ancient knowledge I have connected to through Lash’s work. His uncovering of Earths True Creation Story has infused my being with a transpersonal understanding of what is to be a WOMAN with true purpose. I have now become the ultimate observer. In knowing now that I am part of the Divine Script in which I must play my part. I have tuned into the Twin Flame energies, which only few take on the role with successful outcomes. I sit in knowing that those of us who do answer the call, will design this journey.

We are at another moment in time, a juncture if you will, which needs to be recognised for what it truly is. We are writing our story and infusing it with the Universal Mind, so that humanity will already have transcended the fear for which each of us are desperate to detach from. Some of us will be successful if we are to bare the responsibility of this subtle greatness. Some of us are rebirthing ourselves in a cyclic continuum, regurgitating fear from moment to moment and not being aware that we are. The latter will perish.

I seek to join the Divine Mother in reinterpreting the Sacred Womans role. In peeling this mediocre imagery from the graves of those women who were decimated throughout this barbaric historical genocide. Inflicting balance into this moment with pure dynamic intent. You will feel this, and in doing nothing you will also perish. As Woman we must free ourselves from this psychopathic patriarchal prison in order to perpetuate a sacredness, which only women can endure. A passion so deep with each of our hearts, that melancholy and sentiment are useless tool bandied around by the psychopathic masculine mindset. It has infused our minds like a cancerous meditation, destroying our purity, diminishing our rite to be powerful.

I hope I meet with you on your sacred journey, to bless you for your tenacious spirit. In your unbinding into this blissful momentum we all seek. We will leave this place, this space of time with so much death and contempt for soul. We will free each other to co-create with Sophia on our journey home.


© Octavia McMahon 2012

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