Tuesday, February 28, 2012



OCULUS RADIO is part of a new wave of sensory and visionary experiences. An injection of individual empowerment on all levels, to seed the collective imagination. A vision to promote a new way of life, without the constraints of prejudice, fear and economic slavery. Our syllabus is an organic stream of understanding to promote spiritual/mental/physical well being, well into the new millennium. Each of our individuals inspire to co-create with the Sophianic consciousness a new pleasure of understanding to heal and balance our connection to Mother Earth. We endeavour to allow this new stream of gnosis to purify all souls who come in contact with us on our journey into the UNIVERSAL MIND.

OCUNET will provide a resourced based economic framework, which transcends the use of fiat currencies. Individual resources added to a collective database to fulfil all needs placed upon the individual. This new stream of product will be totally accessible by all who participate with its visible organic framework. All needs of the collective imagination are our highest priority. From collective empathic guidance of the individual, through to all areas of meta-technology.

As new streams of understanding are injected into the collective imagination, OCUNET will be one of the platforms to assimilate. Our group oversoul is scanning all intra-terrestrial communication directed for the guidance of accessing the UNIVERSAL MIND. In complete and direct connection to source.

We seek to define the true contemporary reality, which is beyond the Archontic Veils of ‘Fantasy & Illusion'. As a new conceptual organism within the Collective Imagination, our directive is to dismantle this mediocre matrix, which has only temporarily diverted the ‘DIVINE HUMAN ANTHROPOS’ from their co–creative collective destiny into the UNIVERSAL CONCIOUSNESS with SOPHIA/GAIA .  


© Copyright OCULUS RADIO 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012



Much information has surfaced regarding the human dilemma and our integral journey from the far reaches of the universe. There are many celestial and extra-terrestrial presences here, and have been for centuries coercing our evolution into abandoning fear and exposing the tyranny and tyrants who have embellished their control over the human race. Unfortunately we have a paradoxical obstruction which nine tenths of the populations are ignorant to the inter-dimensionality of this predicament. Ignorance is a bliss we can't afford anymore as a collective consciousness.

We must endeavour to infiltrate the constricted mass mind and impregnate it with the truth. We must implement a clear indictment that we will take responsibility of each other that all go through to this next stage of human evolution. Without this mandate humanity will not be fully conscious. There will always be an underlying sub terrain of secrets and covert manipulation against the human population, primarily aimed at keeping each of us in a two dimensional matrix, cutting us off from our divine destiny as a collective mind. The framework of this vexative dissatisfaction has created junk food for the demagogues. Not being satisfied with the spoils of power, the Oligarchs or ruling class has created a desire to rid all others out of the bloodlines a poor and destitute life subservient to them until we perish. Creating slaves in laboratories without the intervention of the human celestial mandate.

As the dimensional veils thin out to expose those who have preyed on our every move throughout history, many will be compelled to own up to their insidious and heinous crimes. Coming to terms with the process of past-life review when leaving this earth. A proponent of our pre-death biological technology of being human. A hell for which many will relive till the end of time as they experience the pain and torture of each individual who has perished due to their deceit. Many unconventional historians need to move on into the theory that humanity is being demonized by an inter dimensional power whose mandate is to keep humanity in a constant and perpetuate state of disarray. Science will never agree to such a preposterous accusation, purely because science is one of the mechanisms, which have been infiltrated to stagnate the journey of humanity. Politics, education, academia and other elements of quasi-historical illusions have all been penetrated with deceit and treachery. We as men are allowing this to distract us from our true uniqueness. We are paying the price for this servitude.

This ethereal castration of man beyond the boundaries of our own cognitive existence. So we meander through our lives trying to imagine our own sanctity when every word of knowledge regarding our spiritual and divine origins has been confiscated from us like naughty schoolchildren who have misbehaved. The unprepared and unnatural leaves our intuitive nature disillusioned.

We enter this naturic realm of sanctity in spirit through vortices laced with universal authenticity. We need no validation being here on this planet. We are not here to be scrutinized and pulverized with mediocrity in the form of theocratic pursuits. There is no underlying godhead other than the originator of soul. But there is something here waiting to enslave us. Having no perennial authorization from our spiritual source. It lurks on the peripheral of cosmic sanctification, with weapons created by its logistical free will to bear arms against the spirit molecule. It is a hostile agent rebelling against the sacredness of this living planet and all who inhabit her.

Searchers for lost knowledge will endeavour to reach a pinnacle of understanding in underpinning earths historic record with the true creation mythos. Misinformation in its abundance has been let loose on humanity to shield us from the true creation story of our existence. It does not matter how the information has been leaked into the mass collective mindset. What matters is that disinformation is still being used to keep humanity away from its true origins. Scholars in all genres of mythology will endeavour to give us glimpses into our beginnings, but few will extract the pure truth and be willing to release it in its entirety. In many tribal cultures throughout the world the storyteller hold important information regarding the time-lines of the tribe itself. Information has been passed to them from elder to elder to sanctify and sustain all levels of understanding and enable a safe and secure path into the future for all who dwell within the tribe.

Most, if not all earth dwellers have a fundamental right to true and exact information of their creation story. Excepting for western civilization, most other civilizations have been comfortable in their understanding of their true origins. Western information tends to be in contention about the authenticity of its beginnings. Most religious perceptions regarding human design are derogatory to the divine feminine aspect, giving most of the credibility to some off planet male superior being who is intolerant to its creation. Regardless of how systemic the infiltration of a patriarchal creator has been implemented into the historical record, religious or otherwise, it is preposterous to even contemplate to negate the feminine aspect out of our creation story. No record of any organic male evolved creation other than external material inorganic matter has been recorded in the history of the planet.

So why, in the advent of Abrahamic religions are we suppose to not use our ability to critically analyse in observing and deciphering these patriarchal dominated myths and seeing them for what they truly are? A lie so massive that a huge percentage of the population of this planet has been indoctrinated to believe this preposterous collaboration with mediocrity! Temporary obstructions injected into the mass consciousness to momentarily sidetrack humanity from its true path. I suppose we need to ask ourselves about the apathy in accepting these antiquated belief systems being fed to humanities compassionate heart. We must at all costs uncover our true creation story and integrate it into our daily lives. We must balance the patriarchal dominance with the true story of the Goddess Sophia and her fall from the Pleromic Realm to experience her sanctification and union with her creation. Humanity. We must interact with her and put ourselves back on our true path of enlightenment, disregarding all patriarchal stereotypical godheads and the victim-perpetrator paradigm in which they rule. It is now we are seeding the soul to transcend itself.

We are feeding it a human experience which when integrated will sanctify our mother who dwells in this universe to acknowledge her freedom through humanity. She has bought us with her, leaving the sanctity of the Pleromic Realm to share in the true wonderment of her universal creation. The Gods & Goddesses of the Divine Creation blessed us the moment we were conceived. Our mandate overwhelms all other universal entities of what we are about to do. No other time has a species had such a pivotal role in universal consciousness. There are no demands on those who seek the truth other than the lie they believe. So where do we go to seek this truth out. When suspicion has seeped into our collective intellect. Is there a trust we have been kept from on this planet? As we infect our hearts and minds our journey becomes heavier and heavier with the burden of survival.

We give up our right to play in this wondrous garden and learn to tolerate the lie and live alongside it, watching the damage it causes to our planet and each other. But in the quiet of our loneliness we become the heroes we know we truly are. I hear the ground grow tired of apathy. I see a clear pain emanating from Our Goddess's heart. I do, in my own special way to correct this imbalance we as men have created. I enter the feminine realm with distortion and reverence. I too have legacies that I toil with daily. I have a mind which is vulnerable to this patriarchal wake of death. The more understanding reaches for me to cure this catastrophe, the more I cry. I cry for you and me, in an empathically sombre frame of mind. That we have come to this point in time where we have sighted the beast and now we must visit the caves to daydream about our own private ‘Utopia’.

We've helped create the beast, now we have to take responsibility for its return to its inter-dimensional prison. We must not look up anymore. We must look to Sophia/Gaian wisdom as though it has never left the planet. In our remarkable toleration, due to our collective compassion and empathy, we were separated from a divine desire we possess. Yet all are under fire from worlds beyond ours. We must, in order to live harmoniously, acknowledge that the patriarchal matrix has no place in human evolution due to ineffectual nurturing capabilities. The contemplation of any conflict within the human mind needs to be implanted into the human collective as its true potential indicates perfect balance. The physical body is guided by the spirit, an etheric presence existing within each of us, a map, a guide, a song which sings it praises to the Divine methodology as it balances this cruel and unjustifiable attack primarily directed at the Divine power of the Earth herself in co-creating this paradise with humanity. All who wish to harm her are not human.

As we hurriedly search for the cure to this almost clandestine level of destruction, we need to understand there is an abundance of nurturing there if we are willing to connect to its source. Now, as the Akashic Library opens, the lost knowledge will be transparent to all of us. We can feed from its nurturing tales of our sacred union as we interact and learn her enlightening doctrine. We can once again join the dance of life as it were intended. Tending the resignation of surrender to her non-judgemental and inspirational creations. Laying to rest this techno-manifestation, which plagues humanity and leads us away from our Divine Contentment. We must again resume our co-creation and proceed unabated in delivering this planet to the true source.  

STAY SACRED .......if you DARE!

an excerpt form 'All the Men Come out to Play'

© Copyright David O'Brien 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Birthing in the Lake of Souls.... acrylic on paper 1100x1400

I am a Mystical Empathic Artist of Australian origin. My work is influenced heavily within the Sophia/Gaia Mythos. Tuning into the Divine Feminine Energy emanating from within the earth. It reflects through my painting, by which I empath within many layers onto the canvas. I call in anomalies within my own psyche to inject the mysticism through the levels of process, to bring the piece into a balance of masculine and feminine energies. I have been inspired by the writings of John Lamb Lash. In meeting my twin flame, he has led me into my deconstruction process of the illusion, in which the Patriarchal System systemically demonises the interpretation of women.

I am here in service to inspire others, in assisting their creative and empathic experiences. My visual interpretation of the Divine Feminine allows the sharing of my experiences to help others move through their fear and reach the freedom, which I have found through my understanding of an ancient knowledge I have connected to through Lash’s work. His uncovering of Earths True Creation Story has infused my being with a transpersonal understanding of what is to be a WOMAN with true purpose.

I have now become the ultimate observer. In knowing now that I am part of the Divine Script in which I must play my part. I have tuned into the Twin Flame energies, which only few take on the role with successful outcomes. I sit in knowing that those of us who do answer the call, will design this journey. We are at another moment in time, a juncture if you will, which needs to be recognised for what it truly is. We are writing our story and infusing it with the Universal Mind, so that humanity will already have transcended the fear for which each of us are desperate to detach from. Some of us will be successful if we are to bare the responsibility of this subtle greatness. Some of us are rebirthing ourselves in a cyclic continuum, regurgitating fear from moment to moment and not being aware that we are. The latter will perish.

I seek to join the Divine Mother in reinterpreting the Sacred Womans role. In peeling this mediocre imagery from the graves of those women who were decimated throughout this barbaric historical genocide. Inflicting balance into this moment with pure dynamic intent. You will feel this, and in doing nothing you will also perish. As Woman we must free ourselves from this patriarchal prison in order to perpetuate a sacredness, which only women can endure. A passion so deep with each of our hearts, that melancholy and sentiment are useless tool bandied around by the psychopathic masculine mindset. It has infused our minds like a cancerous meditation, destroying our purity, diminishing our rite to be powerful.

I hope I meet with you on your sacred journey, to bless you for your tenacious spirit. In your unbinding into this blissful momentum we all seek. We will leave this place, this space of time with so much death and contempt for soul. We will free each other to co-create with Sophia on our journey home.  


© Octavia McMahon 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



We have become a fearful society. In fact secrecy is a direct by-product of fear. This brings up a couple of very good questions. What is it exactly that we are afraid of? What promotes this fear that seems to permeate our very existence? And lastly why do we need to keep it secret? The answer may surprise you, but the thing we are afraid of is ourselves. Oh you may think about it on many different levels by saying that we act this way to protect our interest, or our freedoms or to assure our survival, but when you boil it all down it comes to this. We are afraid of our own nature. We are afraid that inside each and every human being at the core there is evil. It has been said many ways, that it is in man's nature to be violent, to error is human, you were born in sin. All of these are saying the same thing, that there is something wrong with you and that left to your own devices you will corrupt, pollute and eventually destroy yourselves and all that is around you. 

I mean think about it. If we believe that every man woman and child has a devil inside them that may take over at any time and cause us to act in a destructive manner, then who can you trust? Talk about a nightmare, who would want to live in a world like that? No wonder we have built our society around protecting individual interest. A society based on mistrust and deceit. And it seems as though history agrees with this sentiment. I mean look at what we've done to our own world that we live in. Look at the crime the violence the greed. Some of the atrocities in history such as the Holocaust, World War I and II, the massacres in South Africa, aren't these proofs that we are inherently bad? And yet if you speak to any man woman or child they all say that they want the same things, to be loved, to live in peace and security, and to ultimately be happy. So one must ask why there is this apparent contradiction, this duality in man. What causes people to act in a complete opposite way to how he feels?

Well logic dictates that the source of any contradiction is an untruth or lie. The lie in this case being that there is something wrong with you and everyone else. It immediately puts the human race in the posture of fear and a fearful person is not rational. If everyone is in the posture of fear, they are either prepared to fight or to run. Is it any wonder then that we have so many conflicts in the world? Is it any wonder why we have so many secrets? The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with you. You are a perfect and complete universal being filled with love at the core. It is so much a part of your being that any action outside of love causes a negative physical reaction that can literally be measured. Think about it anger, hate, jealousy, fear, all elevate your heart rate, tense your muscles, tightens your jaw, and knots your stomach. It's so predictable, that science has developed machines such as a polygraph (lie detector) machines that will show a physical and neurological aberration when we speak an untruth. What does that tell you about your true nature? The truth is that no one does anything inappropriate given their understanding of their situation.

I'll repeat NO ONE does ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE given THEIR understanding of the world. People lie because at the core they feel they have to. They steal, cheat, murder because they feel they have to from their perspective. You see from your perspective you don't do anything inappropriate given your model and understanding of the world and your particular set of circumstances. Take smoking for example, many smokers today know that smoking will harm their bodies and eventually kill them if carried on, and yet they choose to smoke. In that choice they have weighed the consequences and concluded that perhaps their temporary enjoyment is a worth a few years from their life. In the instant that the smoker makes that choice, it is no longer inappropriate for him/her to smoke from his/her perspective, whereas another person may choose not to for their own reason. Conflicts arise then when we do not understand the others model of the world.

This is one of the main reasons that our current system is not working. It is impossible to make any lasting change through legislation or laws, since people will do what they feel is appropriate despite the laws. And when someone operates outside of the law we put them in prisons, rather than trying to understand and if appropriate educate to help change the persons understanding of the world or perhaps change ours. But currently conflicts are compounded when similar groups band together and claim that their perception of the world is the only appropriate view to have and then try to force others to accept THEIR view of the world. This is the main reason for EVERY conflict in the world, a lack of understanding. This arises from another lie.

© Bob Wright 2012


When all is done and dusted with what this 'Ascension' entails, would you have used your time wisely? This is the question we are all asking ourselves. Am I doing what needs to be done? Am I firmly planted in the reality of this monumental transition, or am I merely a product of the phantasy that humanity has lost itself in? I say 'Phantasy' because the Virtual Reality world your gods dwell in is actually called 'PHANTASIA'. Yes, this is its name, where the Abrahamic Father gods were spawned. As Moses perilously trekked to the top of Sinai to meet his maker, he was deceived. From out of the clouds came an optical illusion, a virtual reality experience. A synthesis of his own interpretation of who 'GOD ' was. What I'm really saying is that he believed his own bullshit, then manifested it. His misogynistic indoctrination had paid off well, and as the leader of his misogynistic tribe he led them to their misogynistic paradise. Here we still are today. Laden with misogynists in the guise of CEO's, politicians, leaders, clergy... Well you know who you are! 

In fact the whole corporatocracy structure is a festering playground of misogynistic phalluses, trying to impregnate the Divine Mother with its toxic sperm. What's more disgusting is that these men of corporate valour are sealing their death warrants with the meek who will inherit their playground, and the ratio of a million to one ensures their bones will be scraped of their flesh of the like of which happened in Alexandria to Hypatia in 415 CE. The last of the  pagan Noblewomen who was a great seer in the Great Library of Alexandria. The day of her death was the day the 'Dark Ages' began. Her flesh was scraped off her bones by a frenzied christian mob of workers who were encouraged by a Christian Zealot named Peter the Reader. A part of a secret society of misogynists, 'women haters' if you please. 

The level of 'PREDATION' which infests this planet today is due cause for some natural catastrophic event to pull them into line. Or eradicate their sorry asses forever. Either, either, it wouldn't be too soon. In fact my father is one of these predators. After being sodomised in India as a young man by groups of priests at a Catholic College just outside New Delhi.... Kings College, Meerut to be precise, his destiny had been ungraciously rammed in his ass. So what was to become of this tortured young man? Well I will gladly tell you. 

On his arrival to Australia in 1953 he met my mother. She was an unassuming young 23 year old Australian girl who had no idea what was about to transpire. They had 4 children, consecutive years, she was a good catholic breeder. No sooner did the fourth child pop out, well three months after, than they abandoned their children. Leaving their modest dwelling and going in the opposite direction as each other. The mother NEVER returned. The father returned later as the children grew up in these barbaric institutions. They were in Catholic Orphanages and he was their only legal guardian. Continual adoption efforts led to no avail and his signature was needed for that to happen. He wanted to prey on his siblings, and this he did for many years. He wasn't about to give up the right to destroy our lives, as well as the countless other children he physically and sexually abused. I would go so far as to say hundreds of children fell prey to his sexual deviancy spawned in that Catholic College in India. 

To cut a long story short, well as short as I possibly can to make my point, I have just spent the last five years in my home town trying to get him imprisoned, for life. He is still offending, I feel it, I sense it, I know it. After a 5 year Royal Commission, Police agencies and hundreds of hours of myself and my siblings time, retelling our sad stories to countless government officials in order for this to happen, myself and my youngest sister were led into the Attorney Generals Office for our last interview. Oh, I must mention that my father didn't stop sodomising my older brother from the age of 5 till he was 36.. he is now 56. So there we were in this government office. The Attorney General by the way was a born again Christian and continually berated all involved with the commission in the media from its inception until its conclusion. Labelling us as liars, weak and not worthy of the public monies that funded the commission. He is a misogynist, and so are all his cronies. If I saw them hanging in the streets by their feeble necks I don't feel I would bother conjuring up some benign emotion to notice them. I would just walk by, unaffected. 

So, back to the office. The players were the Attorney Generals Chief Legal Council (25 year old girl fresh out of law school). The Police Paedophile Task Force chief woman officer. A 22 year old (fresh out of nappies) counsellor who was there in case we needed a shoulder to cry on. She turned out to be as useless as the institution which taught her. A stenographer (you know how the government likes to waste paper..poor trees) and myself, 54 and my  younger sister 52. We had waited 40 years for this moment, for some sort of closure to the pain we all had suffered at the hand of this maniac. The conversation started. We were told that conclusive to all our testimonies they would not be pursuing the charges with my father. My sister stood up abruptly and called them all 'fucking cunts' before she stormed out, which left me alone with these morons. The counsellor child started to get up and I told her not to bother, that she would probably never return if she even approached my sister. She took my offer and sat down.

I told them that they were a part of a system which gives the hierarchy the right to abuse who the fuck they want. I told them that they wouldn't hear the last of me, in fact that I would take this experience to the world and never stop talking about it. I told them I would gather like-minded people and together we would destroy this vile system once and for all. That I can guaranteed them.  

So now, my dear friends and I are at the precipice, about to fly into the belly of the beast, then rip its tortured heart out. Oculus Radio will be one of the guided swords created by the Divine Mother which will create the initial incisions for the beast to die, finally after 2000 years of death sprees. We will position ourselves outside the beasts enclosure and extract as many souls as we can to be with us in our journey onto the Universal Stage. We hope you can come too. 


© David O'Brien 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012



Each day as I gaze momentarily into the 'Fear Culture', visions of a momentum in 'Spiritual Genocide' greet me with a lucidity I have not seen before. The 'Light Workers' are fighting their fight, as if they are sentient beings sent by the 'Light' to rid humanity of 'Evil'. 'Evil' only exists in the minds of men and nowhere else in the universe. The 'Light' is being threatened, tortured and even murdered for the right to its beliefs. Whether true intent nurture those energising this fractured matrix, they are still craving somewhat of a dignified death.  

A dignified death! 'Light Workers' are allowing, by invocation, more etheric beings to help them with their beast. Spinning spells with their sword, plunging into a syntax which dignifies death. No one has not had a good life. No-one has been bound to this psychopathic mind. Are we not pure desire, but from loyalty to another mind. A mind of subtle graciousness which cannot be replicated. Nor can it be imitated. We know this. This is Gnosis.  

The tincture of this anomaly which seeks dignity, comes from an ancient desire to be bound. Indoctrinated into schizophrenic bliss. A blissful chaotic contentment, in which immoral vacuums of desolation coat each of us, as the metal rain settles onto our gracious mother, then proceeds to poison her. This is prog - Gnosis. 

We know too much. We are the first ones who know 'too much' in two thousand years. We died a thousand times to bring this knowing to all, access to the Akashic Library. Within those walls we became saint, sinner, and to dinner came the enemy. With luscious gifts and saviore faire to taint your perplexity. And we bought it! We owned it as if it were our blood and bone. Then we gladly gave our thrones away for plastic chairs.  

The silt of the earth has been littered with 'Fallen Prophets'. Those of us who break themselves open, then broken further by the broken blade. The 'Marked Ones' who are denied of their fulfilment. This is misogyny at play, with its devious and deceptive intent. This game we were ordered to play is OVER. You have said it so. 

As we drift beyond the Red Sea, in ships bound together with divine intent on our journey homeward. We take the last glance back to bid a mediocre storm fair well. For even in its unmagnificence, it created you to be brighter, than you have ever been before. This inconsequential rift trying to replicate human divinity has allowed us to see, within its murky waters, a reflection of a sorrow we need to heal. That we are here to heal. So the Soul is on the 'Chopping Block', the guillotine which separated each of us from each others love. 

Remember.... 'THE BLADE FALLS FROM THE SKY'.... make no mistake of that. 

STAY SACRED.....if you dare!

© David O'Brien 2011




What reminds us that we are not alone, when we know we are eternal? 

I felt this might be an interesting beginning to this new blog. I am a writer, but as a rule never wished to venture into the realm of the blog for many reasons.  The medium holds many contradictions which simply came to me in the form of where do my words and my reverence for privacy conflict?  It is a valid stumbling block, and I must admit a rather silly one at that.  That idea stretches over that of reticence, comfort in privacy and, I sense in many, an unnaturally imposed and constructed barrier by the eminent domain of all that is designed and seeks to limit true human potential.  

We call them many things.  One umbrella word which blocks the minds of many is the term institution. Interestingly enough the walls of mind these non-corporeal temples of imaginary authority spend is almost infinite in resources which are being constructed continually, yet most seem to accept without question.   

Why are vast resources ultimately committed to the maintenance of this unending veil?  

A sense of surface indignation is there, but little in the way of examination and identifying the malevolent reasons why such energy is expended to get most to say, ‘Well, that is the way it is.’  But it is not. That acceptance does foster yet another fear in the lexicon of the caged and diverted mind.  This fear is that words, or auditory deeds, of just one individual does carry amazing power – the power of the responsibility in knowing a simple utterance of Truth can create change.  

Always be aware that within all change that is not yet manifested comes another great source of externally instilled fear.  Who was I, one who fears virtually nothing, to remain in accordance with silence against my birthright to speak and freely express? In the following entries I most sincerely hope to raise questions that I know others are wishing to hear discussed and expressed among themselves and others.  

The current speed, direction, and seemingly insurmountable complexities of current day existence demands this within us all, both in our personal lives of accountability to what is True and Just within us. This extends to our most real sense of decency and responsibility to that of our fellow sentient beings – first and foremost other humans, and the very real earth we tread upon and often unnoticed the amazing and pure bounty it offers.  

If this burgeoning understanding about our most real nature is due to anything, it is due to the rapid expansion of our unfettered global voice in the form of the material reflection of our need to communicate and share called the Internet, or World Wide Web. We have always had this among us, yet not in the form of IPIP technology, fiber-optic conduits, generationally advanced switching, server banks and farms, and all the ground and space-based technology we created originally from an imposed continuation of a cold war fear to duplicate it all.  

But as we were blinded to the immaterial by the carefully wrought architectural designs of our current perceived material reality, the ‘natural net’ remained the bandwidth of all bandwidth’s that went underutilized with the exception of the intact indigenous tribes, the Shamans, the Seers, Gnostics, and others; those of our natural birthright who show us in essence the ability to know of Truth.  

This is not a time of the one who chooses to say and do nothing, as each and every one of us possesses the divinity, the spark, Divine Providence within to be that very angel in each others lives no matter how seemingly small and insignificant it may be judged to be by the individual.  This is another ingrained response which must be seen for what it is.  That is why I opened this introductory post with the line: 

’What reminds us that we are not alone, when we all know we are eternal?’ 

One learned and wise friend answered, “The knowledge of our gift of perpetuity.”  It seems quite obvious.  Existence itself has been, and always will be, all the justification to know that all is for a purpose, all has just cause behind it, and all is as it should be – no matter how horrible the reaction may make certain situations appear within the single mind.  

A person who is full of fire to change injustice is exactly where and doing what they should be at any given time in this global dream-dance, this earthly delusion. While others may be engaged in the pursuit to co-create something greater than themselves, be it a child (the highest), or work of sensual and artistic creation that may bring respite to others with the same intention as the aforementioned.  

To give an example of how the human collective mind has been diverted, or hacked if you will, it is through the written and auditory means by which we communicate – language.  

Why is it that indigenous Alaskan tribes have over thirty words to describe the many facets and aspects of snow?  

Yet we, with all of our seemingly limitless capacity to imagine, ability to manifest almost virtually all we can envisage in the material realm have but one term which runs the spectrum of a word which should have many more than just thirty or so clarifications without having to qualify it with other less utilized words – Love.  

This is most effectively done by design, so that most are led to the sense of need when exposing this word to within for personal relevance to a perception.  You may extrapolate this further.  This was simply an observation posited to foreshadow the myriad of concepts that will be covered in the writings of this blog for future reference.   Many brilliant and lucid minds will come into play, from a quotient of conferring to contributions.

I am not here to preach, to tell anyone what to think, how to think, or even why to think.  I choose simply to post interpretations that hopefully will bring with them the desire in others to go deeper within to find the nature of the unfettered and quiet Truth of the reality that surrounds.  This begins with us; the most subdivided, farmed, and fed upon creature we know – the human being.  It all begins with knowledge of the self, which leads to the knowledge all.  

This is not something to fear.  This is what and who we are when the repetitious dogmatic din of media and words better left unspoken are stripped away, beliefs from ages which are not eternal by their nature that are artificially pumped with life into the perceptions of many, and the lower nature of mankind is cultivated rather than taken from the root and turned into a more useful paper. 

We are the prophets, demons, angels, destroyers, saviors, givers and takers in each other’s lives. 

Peace and purpose be with you!

©  Brian Simonetti 2012


Dalis' Earth

It seems funny, having had many years of Fluffy Spiritualism (another damn 'ism'), that the overall population are still trapped within the 'Fear Matrix' and have found no way out. This, mind you, includes all of those fanatics in denial of this beautiful earth they are standing on, who still look to the skies for some sort of messianic saviour to take their role over of doing their part in this great journey we are facing at this moment in time. Still after digesting many fads and disciplines seemingly sent from above, that nothing really has happened for their lives to get better. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Like the 'Hippy Culture' of the sixties many of them are burnt out , but not for the lack of trying. 

So now, like before, these souls are caught in an inextricable* web of deceit. Now returning into the 'Fear Matrix', as there is no escape for them and are destined to replay old destructive behavioural patterns over & over again. Their days have become overwhelmed with finding ways of 'escapism'. A lot of these souls are now 'workshop junkies'. Spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each week to experience other perceptions and rituals into being freed from this deceptive mess. Their children are becoming more confused with the information being fed to them by these fanatics who believe whole heartedly they are marked for 'Enlightenment'. 

So where did we go wrong? 

For thousands of years we have had our focus taken away from 'Mother Earth'. Our collective gaze been coerced to the skies for any sort of divine help. A mandate which the 'Powers That Were' extrapolated trillions & trillions of dollars from all of us over centuries to make into a illusory reality for all to exist in. So here we are. A 'Bubble of Fear' now surrounds the planet. Any external intervention has been locked out by our own doing because we did not believe in ourselves. Giving up our divine right to exist here on 'GAIA'. Not connecting to 'Mother Earth' and buying into false religious doctrine which vilifies anything feminine. The 'woman' has been turned into the 'whore' and men have bought into this hook, line & sinker. 

As we move to the 'Processional Equinox' on 12/21/2012, what exactly is going to happen? Well let me give you a slight indication. Men who still hold the ideal of 'woman are inferior' will start to implode. The 'Mother' is waking up. When she is fully awake, which will be sooner than later, those who have harmed her and who have followed the men who are raping her will feel her pain. Their insistency to hold onto these oppressive mindsets will be their downfall, nothing else. Their need to take responsibility for this should be the 'highest priority' at this moment in our evolution. There needs to be a balancing of 'feminine energy' in the patriarchal system. So now, because of mens refusal to address this balance, it is time for this balance to occur on a universal level. 

We are now being prepared to go on the 'Universal Stage' as a collective divine destiny. We are being primed to interact, on a universal level, and to fulfil our role within the Galactic Godhead. So guys, get prepared. This 'Divine Insurgence of Feminine Energy' will free you from this 'Fear Culture'. The one we have desired to disconnect from for thousands of years.....

Enjoy the ride..

STAY SACRED....if you dare!

© David O'Brien 2012



OCULUS RADIO is a platform for all souls to free their mind of the constraints that society has placed upon them. We are here to uplift and to raise each other in consciousness to celebrate our humanity. The guidance we seek comes from within each of our divine constructs. We seek to find voices deep within the abyss who have been waiting for that moment in time when they know their words will heal those of us who seek true fulfilment and balance, where life experience has become the generator of all their gnosis. 

We acknowledge the Divine Feminine and wish to address the imbalance that has been perpetrated throughout the historic record. We seek to rejuvenate an old wisdom which has been eradicated from our divine script... We call to the Mystic Shaman, Poets, Artisans and Prophetic Vagabonds of our Counter Culture to come out of seclusion and join with us to co-create with our Divine Planet, a new Pleasure. An amorous journey into the realm of Unlimited Potential.... We welcome all brave souls to throw their seed into the Divine Human Ethos... We are creating a new platform that is called OCULUS RADIO. 

We want to connect with people who have the expansion of the collective consciousness as their highest priority. We are very excited to see where all of this energy finds its own reality and causality. We will be introducing some odd geniuses that are indeed in the right place at the right time. We are synchronized and we are one. Division and separation are not what Oculus Radio is about. We are a collection of souls who came together with the passion to elevate our consciousness so we may use this unique time we are in, to create something beautiful and fulfilling into the next stage of humanity. Free Of Fear. We are one but we are many and vast in numbers, with unlimited power and potential at our fingertips. We intend to elaborate that 'to know our individual power' is the inherent potential and opportunity to enhance and re-energise the potential of all beings ! 

Join Hosts David O'Brien, Brian Simonetti, Bob Wright, Kevin Edmonson and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of indulgence, into creating the world we seek. Stay Sacred...... 

© Oculus Radio 2012