OCULUS RADIO is a platform for all souls to free their mind of the constraints that society has placed upon them. We are here to uplift and to raise each other in consciousness to celebrate our humanity. The guidance we seek comes from within each of our divine constructs. We seek to find voices deep within the abyss who have been waiting for that moment in time when they know their words will heal those of us who seek true fulfilment and balance, where life experience has become the generator of all their gnosis. 

We acknowledge the Divine Feminine and wish to address the imbalance that has been perpetrated throughout the historic record. We seek to rejuvenate an old wisdom which has been eradicated from our divine script... We call to the Mystic Shaman, Poets, Artisans and Prophetic Vagabonds of our Counter Culture to come out of seclusion and join with us to co-create with our Divine Planet, a new Pleasure. An amorous journey into the realm of Unlimited Potential.... We welcome all brave souls to throw their seed into the Divine Human Ethos... We are creating a new platform that is called OCULUS RADIO. 

We want to connect with people who have the expansion of the collective consciousness as their highest priority. We are very excited to see where all of this energy finds its own reality and causality. We will be introducing some odd geniuses that are indeed in the right place at the right time. We are synchronized and we are one. Division and separation are not what Oculus Radio is about. We are a collection of souls who came together with the passion to elevate our consciousness so we may use this unique time we are in, to create something beautiful and fulfilling into the next stage of humanity. Free Of Fear. We are one but we are many and vast in numbers, with unlimited power and potential at our fingertips. We intend to elaborate that 'to know our individual power' is the inherent potential and opportunity to enhance and re-energise the potential of all beings ! 

Join Hosts David O'Brien, Brian Simonetti, Bob Wright, Kevin Edmonson and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of indulgence, into creating the world we seek. Stay Sacred...... 

© Oculus Radio 2012

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