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Comparative Mythologist John Lamb Lash, author of 'Not In His Image', A deciphering of the Nag Hammadi Codices of Earth's True Creation Story which has been vilified by the Patriarchal Religions for 1600 years. 

His website '' is the only concurrent assimilation of the Journey of the Aeon Sophia (Earths Divine Soul) back to the Galactic Core. In his Navigational Briefings, his insight into the astrophysical occurrence of the Human Anthropos in Co-Creating with Sophia (so-fire) on our transcendence out of the FEAR PARADIGM. 

(an exert from CREW NOTES 17 on
From August 2011 on, the Aeon Sophia engaged in a "controlled demolition" of the archetypal infrastructure that upholds the threefold Archontic monster and the media.

The current stall lasts from the end of March through end of June: three months. Watch for the collective reflection or correlate to this phase of recapitulation to become evident in full and widespread disclosure of the psychosis of the authorities, including the spirit of malevolence they enact due to birth-damaged backbrain circuits (side-effect of mitotic reproduction).  Alpha Ceti (Magog) is located exactly at that position on the pentragrammic formation of the head of Cetus.

The stall culminates in a spectacular way on July 4, 2012 with Venus and Jupiter reunited at Aldebaran, seen in the east before dawn. This celestial event repeats the meeting of Venus and Jupiter on March 13 in the evening sky! Hence, two striking omens come into play during this phase of recapitulation (tracked by the apogee shift):

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