Monday, July 30, 2012


7/30/2012 MONDAY EVENING 8PM - 11PM EST (U.S.)
Check your timezones.

Monday Night on Oculus Radio will be a recorded show. The crew @ Oculus are taking a much needed break and will resume broadcasting next week.

INITIAL CONDITION OF THE DIVINE EXPERIMENT is a 2 hour recorded Navigator Briefing form the 23 Feb 2012 about the mapping of the DIVINE EXPERIMENT. It is the recapitulation of The Divine Sophia into preparing for her correction. Also preparing for the Pleromic Relay. A reconnection with the Galactic Core as to what needs to be done from the Earths point of view to rebalance this distortion which has been predating on GAIA/SOPHIA. 

I hope you enjoy the braodcast and All of us @ Oculus will see you soon.

OCULUS RADIO is a platform for all souls to free their mind of the constraints that society has placed upon them. 

We seek to find voices deep within the abyss who have been waiting for that moment in time when they know their words will heal those of who seek true fulfilment and balance. Where life experience has become the generator of all their gnosis.

We acknowledge the Divine Feminine and wish to address the imbalance that has been perpetrated throughout the historic record. We seek to rejuvenate an old wisdom which has been eradicated from our divine script.

We call to the Mystic Shaman, Poets, Artisans and Prophetic Vagabonds of our Counter Culture to come out of seclusion and join with us to co-create with our Divine Planet, a new Pleasure. An amorous journey into the realm of Unlimited Potential.  

Join Hosts: David O'Brien and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of INDULGENCE into creating the world we seek.

STAY SACRED.......if you dare!

© Copyright OCULUS RADIO 2012

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