Sunday, July 22, 2012


7/23/2012 MONDAY EVENING 8pm-11pm EST (U.S) Check your timezones.

Monday Evening on OCULUS RADIO we will be discussing the yearning of the DIVINE EARTH MOTHERS SOUL in re-establishing a gender intent balance here on Earth. Masculinity has been turned into a cosmic violation. Our universal partners are totally bereft of an experiment going terribly wrong. 

The Divine Mother, an AEONIC Generator whose only interest in her creation created an unusual anomaly in the heavens. Separating herself to be with her children was an ultimate sacrifice, which had not yet been experienced by the source. 
In her 2000 years of slumber, the parasites of this local galactic belt have stepped in and proclaimed themselves as GODS. In the implication of the male dominating the female certain information needed to be eradicated out of public record to keep this illusion locked in its own momentum. 

Places of worship of the Earth Goddess were decommissioned and turned into sacrificial altars of self-reprication. (

In the lack of global wisdom and knowledge, men are now facing the permanence of this ingenious incarceration into the mediocre. As the intruders glee at the work they have done here on Gaia. The raping and pillaging of the unknown. The unknown will now show herself. 

So as the Collective Soul of Women intensifies with gifts from both Sophia (so-fire), The Planetary Animal Mother and Source for enduring this silly moment of male narcissism, those who have driven this mediocre beast will perish with it.

STAY SACRED.....if you dare!

Join Hosts: David O'Brien, Lisa M Harrison, Vajrayana, Bob & Bevin Wright and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of INDULGENCE into creating the world we seek.

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