Tuesday, July 10, 2012


7/11/2012 WEDNESDAY EVENING 8pm - 11pm EST (U.S.) 
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Within this pivotal evolutionary cycle, the Collective Consciousness is regaining access to its organic technology, which has been used to fuel the Fear Paradigm.  A technology if used correctly, can redefine and correct the imbalance that has been inflicted on the Collective Soul.

So as we prepare to enter the Universal Mind, we must allow our imagining to increase to its fullest potential. We must offer our individual imagination to synthesize and integrate with the Collective Imagining. Only then will we as a divine species inherently manifesting our collective destiny. It was not available to us all until now, we know this. Our mandate must be recognized and fulfilled. 

Fear is not how humanity is supposed to interact with the earth. 

I hope we meet with you on our Sacred Journey. To bless you for your tenacious spirit. In your unbinding into this blissful momentum we all seek. We will leave this place, this space in time with a new understanding of the power of the Collective Soul. We will free each other to co-create with GAIA/SOPHIA on our journey home.  

Join Hosts: David O'Brien, Lisa M Harrison, Vajrayana, Bob & Bevin Wright, Hugh Traulsen and Octavia McMahon and weekly special guests for 3 hours of INDULGENCE into creating the world we seek.

STAY SACRED.....if you dare!

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