Monday, July 9, 2012


7/9/2012 MONDAY EVENING 8pm-11pm EST (U.S.) Check your timezones. 

Monday Evening on Oculus Radio we will be discussing the concept of TRANSPECIATION. The transmutation of the Human Animal into its TRUE POTENTIAL. 

n.Transformation of one species or kind into another; specifically, in biology, transmutation of species. See transmutation, 1 , and transformism.

1. n. The act of transmuting, or the state of being transmuted: change into another substance, form, or nature.

2. n. In alchemy, the changing of baser metals into metals of greater value, especially into gold or silver.

3. n. In geometry, the change or reduction of one figure or body into another of the same area or solidity but of a different form, as of a triangle into a square;transformation.

4. n. In biology, the change of one species into another by any means; transpeciation; transformism. The history of the idea or of the fact runs parallel with that of transformism, from an early crude or vulgar notion akin to that involved in the alchemy of metals (see above) to the modern scientific conception of transmutation as an evolutionary process, or the gradual modification of one species into another by descent with modification through many generations.

5. n. Successive change; alternation.

Join Hosts: David O'Brien, Lisa M Harrison, Vajrayana, Bob & Bevin Wright, Hugh Traulsen and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of INDULGENCE into creating the world we seek.

STAY SACRED......if you dare!

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